About Us

Rocking Chair is a neighborhood coffeehouse in Tuinwijk, Utrecht. We are open every day of the week to serve good coffee, homemade cakes, breakfast, and lunches (available for both takeaway or dine-in). There's a place for everyone here—families, friends, kids, flex workers, friendly dogs, and everything else in between.

Fun Facts

  • Rocking Chair is situated in a former 'Spaar Bank' from back in the day. You will find an actual vault with all its original features still perfectly preserved at the back of our coffeehouse.
  • If you're a fan of street art, since Spring 2023, we have the honor of featuring a mural by the famous Dutch street artist, JanisdeMan, on our side wall. Come and experience this beautiful artwork yourself!
Contact Us
Opening hours
Monday - Friday 08.30-17.00
Saturday - Sunday 09.00-17.00
Rocking Chair - Coffee and Good Bites
Willem van Noortstraat 88
3514GG – Utrecht
The Netherlands
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